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We manufacture Rubber compound for on the spot repairing of mining trailing cables so as to prevent the cable from damages.

Mining Trailing Cable Repair Rubber Tape

Mining Trailing Cable Repair Rubber Tape

Omega heavy duty mining trailing cable repair rubber compound has a tough abrasion resistant backing for trailing cable jacket repair for tough mining environments.

The original jacket of mining cable gets damaged due to extreme mining environment, regular wear and tear, hence needs to be repaired at regular interval.

Omega heavy duty Mining Cable repair compound offers an innovative solution for cable repair.

Omega heavy duty Mining Cable repair compounds is an innovative product with two different layers of compound , the outer rubber compound layer offers High Abrasion resistance properties to give a tough protective covering to the damaged cable jacket. The highly tacky inner rubber compound provides a high bonding strength to enable a solid bond between the cable jacket and the outer layer tough compound.

Omega heavy duty Mining Cable repair compound applies easily and remains flexible while maintaining a strong Water proof joint.

Omega heavy duty Mining Cable repair compound can be easily installed on site,  and provides instant repair to the damaged Mining Cable thus giving the expensive cable an extended  NEW LIFE .

The Omega heavy duty Mining Cable repair compound is manufactured with German technology and uses unique Oxyoze Fighting molecules for long lasting protection against rough weather conditions.

Special Features :

  • Durable , Flexible
  • On site , instant Cable Repair
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Water Proof
  • Unique Oxyoze Fighting Molecules.
  • No need of Heating for repairing.
  • Does not corrode Copper or Aluminum


Uses :

  • Universal Cable Repair rubber compound , especially useful for Flexible Mining Trailing  Cable  Repair.

Standard Size

  • 50 mm x 2 mtrs . Thickness – 2.0 mm

Application Tips

  • Stretch the rubber compound to at least ¾ of original width while applying, the more you stretch while applying the better the sealing and you will get a more Water tight joint .
  • After applying the first round overlap progressively ½ of the width on every round .

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